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WWII German Waffenmeister MG34/42 Armourerís Toolkit
Excellent condition Armourerís toolkit for Mg34/42 and all other German small arms. Complete with all tools of which many are marked. Case is also coded, dated and eagle stamped.

Code: 50952Price: 1995.00 GBP

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Mint MG15 75 round DT15 Doppeltrommel Magazine
Mint working condition MG15 magazine used in the MG15 aircraft guns which were also converted for ground use later in the war.

Code: 50951Price: On Request

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Zb26/30 Magazines
Excellent working condition 20 round magazines for ZB26 and ZB30

Code: 50950Price: 40.00 GBP

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WWII German zb26 zb30 20rnd magazines
Original German production WaA63 marked 20 round magazines in excellent working order

Code: 50949Price: 50.00 GBP

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WWII MP41 Schmeisser Magazine
Excellent condition MP41 magazine.

Code: 50948Price: 125.00 GBP

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WWII German M.P.38u40 Magazine
Excellent condition original early Mp40 Magazine coded fxo and dated 41.

Code: 50947Price: 110.00 GBP

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WWII German MP40 Magazine
Excellent condition original Mp40 magazine in working condition. WaA stamped and coded.

Code: 50946Price: 95.00 GBP

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WW2 German Aluminium MG34/42 Ammo Box
Original paint early aluminium light weight ammunition can dated 1940 with maker logo and large eagle. Original leather tabs and number intact.

Code: 50945Price: 110.00 GBP

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Late War Mg34/42 drum
Late war Mg34/42 drum mag with version dust cover. The spring loaded trap door no longer has spring tension but the other springs are still working. Not sure if this paint is original, there is some corrosion under the paint but it is still sold and usable.

Code: 50944Price:

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German optical battery box
Nice original tan paint battery box used with Mg34/42 optics etc. Maker marked and eagle stamped.

Code: 50943Price: 150.00 GBP

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