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Rare MG13 PT13 Saddle Drum Patronentrommel 13 Magazine
Very rare PT13 75 round saddle drum magazine for use with the MG13. Maker marked HASAG, dated 37 and waffenampt stamped. Good working order with strong adjustable spring tension. Some light wear to surface and putting but still 100% working. All parts working, spring tension adjustment ports are removable as they should be. Probably the rarest MG13 accessory to find.

Code: 50963Price: 3495.00 GBP

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Deactivated First World War Vickers Heavy Machine Gun
Rare Vickers WWI fluted barrel jacket tripod mounted water cooled .303 HMG dating to 1917. Complete on tripod with certificate in excellent condition.

Code: 50961Price: 4995.00 GBP

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WWII German MG42 Lafette Tripod Mount
Original wartime Mg42 lafette with correct original MG42 inner cradle. btm 43 codes/dated. Waffenampt marked with original range table, sight block and bolt box etc. Everything works as it should.

Code: 50960Price:

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Original Mp40 sling

Code: 50959Price: 150.00 GBP

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Deactivated German WWII MP40
Deactivated MP40 in excellent condition with certificate. New spec, does not dry fire.

Code: 50958Price: 2995.00 GBP

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MG34 MG42 M.G.Z.40 Lafette optical sight
Excellent working condition grey coloured Mgz40 optical sight in box for use with Mg34/42 lafette tripod. Excellent optical condition.

Code: 50957Price: 2400.00 GBP

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MG34/42 Belt Drum carrier
Original carrying frame for 2x MG34 drums with original tan paint and coded wa 43. All working with spring loaded catch and original felt pads still in place.

Code: 50956Price: 155.00 GBP

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WWII German MG42 Steel Dreibein 40 AA Tripod
Rare steel anti-aircraft tripod for the mg42 or Mg34. Codes cnx and WaA20 stamped in excellent working order.

Code: 50955Price: 1895.00 GBP

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WWII German MG34 Lafette Tripod
Original wartime Mg34 Lafette 34 Mount dated 1940 complete with original back pads, sight mounting block and range table. Excellent working order.

Code: 50954Price: 3495.00 GBP

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MG34/42 Gurtfuller 34 belt Loading Machine
Original Mg34/42 belt loading machine in good working condition. Coded and eagle marked.

Code: 50953Price: 575.00 GBP

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